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Multiple Channel Magnetic Stirrers, Phoenix Instrument

The magnetic stirrer of the RSM-line from Phoenix Instrument offers the ideal products for the daily lab routine. Our multiple position stirrer with and without heating are the perfect instrument for serial examinations.


Multiple channel magnetic stirrers RSM-03

  • 10-point magnetic stirrer
  • Heatable, model RMS-03-10KH
  • Sturdy design (IP42)
  • Infinitely adjustable speed
  • Silicon-coated surface
  • Even distribution of temperature
  • 2 years warranty


Technical data:
Voltage (V):200 – 240200 – 240
Power consumption (W):49020
Number of stirring points:1010
max. stirring quantity (l H2O):0.4/stirring point0.4/stirring point
Stirrers (max. in mm):4040
Material of stir plate:Stainless steel with silicone coatingStainless steel with silicone coating
RPM:0 – 11000 – 1100
Setting of speed:manualmanual
Temperature range:RT–120
Setting of temperature range:manual
Dimensions (W×D×H mm):182×552×65182×552×65
Protection class:IP42IP42
Weight (kg):3.23.2


Order No.
(1)Multiple magnetic stirrer RSM-03-10KH10 13 70311
Multiple magnetic stirrer RSM-03-10K10 13 70312


  • 16-place-magnetic stirrer
  • Sturdy construction (IP 42)
  • Step less speed regulation separate per line
  • Stainless steel plate with silicone films, anti-slip and anti-corrosion
  • 2 years warranty


Technical data:
Voltage (V):200 – 240
Watt (W):20
Max. stirring volume (l H2O):0.4 (per stirring point)
Stirrer bar (max. in mm):40
Stirring places:16
Stirring place (Ø mm):85
Plate material:stainless steel with silicon film
Speed:0 – 1100
Speed control:analog
Dimensions (mm):380 × 552 × 65
Protection class:IP 42
Weight (kg):6

ArticleOrder No.
(2)Multiple magnetic stirrer RSM-03-16K10 13 70316