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2Articles like: Cytocentrifuge paper 2589C ,400 g/sqm ,25 x 75 mm, two holes (6 mm),... details

Blotting membranes  Filter articles

4Articles like: BP002, Blotting paper ,0,35 mm thick, medium capacity ,460mm x 570mm BP002,... details

Extraction thimbles  Filter articles

26Articles like: Extraction thimble, cellulose ,Ø 19 x 90 mm (ID x length)  Extraction... details 7Articles like: Extraction thimble, glass fibre ,100% borosilicate, free of binder ,Ø 19 x 90... details

Filter holders  Filter articles

9Articles like: Syringe filter, Cellulose acetate ,0.45 µm, non-sterile ,30 mm Syringe... details 5Articles like: Syringe filter, Regenerated cellulose ,0,2 µm, non-sterile ,13 mm Syringe... details 6Articles like: Syringe filter, Nylon ,0,2 µm, non-sterile ,13 mm Syringe filter, Nylon, 0,2... details 6Articles like: Syringe filter, PTFE ,0,2 µm,non-sterile ,13 mm Syringe filter, PTFE, 0,2... details

Filter papers  Filter articles

15Articles like: Filter paper 400, for clarification ,medium fast, 65 g/sqm ,460 x 570 mm... details 3Articles like: Protection and absorption paper 295PE ,PE coated, 120 g/sqm ,roll 460 mm x 50... details 3Articles like: Seed testing paper 3014 ,white, 110 g/sqm, pleated ,110 g/qm, 110 mm x 2 m,... details 5Articles like: Antibiotica-test paper 22 ,180 g/sqm, Linters ,Ø 6 mm Antibiotica-test paper... details Filter paper 2772, for clarification, creped ,fast, 65 g/sqm, creped ,Folded... details 3Articles like: Filter paper 520a, technical ,fast, 90 g/sqm, creped ,Folded filter, 500 mm... details 2Articles like: Filter paper 589/1, quantitative ,fast, 79 g/sqm ,Discs 41 mm Filter paper... details 2Articles like: Filter paper 0048, technical ,very fast, PE addition, 130 g/sqm ,Discs 32 mm... details Glass fibre filter GF50, free of binder ,56 g/sqm ,203 mm x 254 mm Glass... details Filter paper 3002, sugar ,medium fast, 69 g/sqm ,Discs 200 mm Filter paper... details

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Membrane filters  Filter articles

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Weighing bottles  Filter articles

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