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Accessories for Burettes Filter articles

Rubber balloon transparent Rubber balloon transparent details

Accessories for filtration instruments Filter articles

7Articles like: Funnel for IDL filtration unit with flange, 250 ml, borosilicate glass.... details 5Articles like: Support base with flange, for IDL filtration unit. Support base with flange,... details

Accessories for grinding mills Filter articles

9Articles like: Agate grinding balls, 3 mm, for laboratory ball mill Agate grinding balls, 3... details

Adhesive labels Filter articles

2Articles like: Blank labels, 74 x 37 mm, 7100/3000 Blank labels, 74 x 37 mm, 7100/3000 details

Ball mills Filter articles

6Articles like: Ball mill porcelain ca. 1000 ml, GSK/0 with lid, metal closure, gasket IDL... details

Boiling stones Filter articles

Bossheads Filter articles

Buechner funnels Filter articles

Casseroles Filter articles

Clamps for tapered joints Filter articles

Conical stoppers Filter articles

Cork rings Filter articles

Cover glasses Filter articles

Crimp caps Filter articles

Crimp top vials Filter articles

Crucibles Filter articles

Desiccator plates Filter articles

Developing trays Filter articles

Dropping bottles Filter articles

Electrical overhead stirrers Filter articles

Electrode stand clamps Filter articles

Evaporating vessels Filter articles

Fluted filters Filter articles

Funnels Filter articles

Glass tubes Filter articles

Ground joint grease Filter articles

Hose clips Filter articles

Incineration dishes Filter articles

Instrument trays Filter articles

Lab aprons Filter articles

Lab stand rings Filter articles

Macro pipette fillers Filter articles

Magnetic stirrer Filter articles

Magnetic stirring bars Filter articles

Mortars Filter articles

Orbital platform shakers Filter articles

other laboratory equipment Filter articles

Other stand parts Filter articles

Pestles Filter articles

pH-buffer solutions Filter articles

pH-indicator papers Filter articles

Pinchcocks Filter articles

Pipette cans Filter articles

Pipette stands Filter articles

Pipette tips Filter articles

Reaction vials, tubes Filter articles

Roller mixer Filter articles

Round filters Filter articles

Safety face shields Filter articles

Scoops Filter articles

Scrapers Filter articles

Screw lids Filter articles

Screw-top bottles Filter articles

Single use gloves Filter articles

Spatula spoons Filter articles

Specimen slides Filter articles

Spray bottles Filter articles

ST ground stoppers Filter articles

Staining racks Filter articles

Stirring rods Filter articles

Stop watches Filter articles

Temperature protection gloves Filter articles

Test tube holder Filter articles

Test tube racks Filter articles

Text markers Filter articles

Tubings Filter articles

Vacuum filter devices Filter articles

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Wire mesh Filter articles

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