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Laboratory Refrigerators with an Explosion-Proof Interior, AQUALYTIC

The German BG-I 850-0 guideline for laboratories stipulates that interior spaces must be explosion-protected where hazardous, explosive atmospheres can develop (for example, due to the presence of flammable liquids).The AQUALYTIC® cabinets in the EX...

pH Meter and Conductivity Meter, Series AL10, AQUALYTIC

High measuring accuracyLight weightProtective casingLarge digital display"Low battery" indicatorTwo-Point Calibration

UV-VIS and VIS Spectral Photometer, AQUALYTIC

Premium optical system with reference beamAutomatic test recognition with internal barcode readerAutomatic cuvette type detectionSupport of analytical quality assuranceMore than 140 analytical methods implementedAdditional multi step and single or mu...

Photometers AL400 and AL410, AQUALYTIC

The AL410 and AL400 give you mobile devices in a modern design with the analytical features of laboratory photometers.All important water analysis parameters from A(luminium) to Z(inc) are covered by these two devices. Reagent tablets, powder reagent...

Turbidity Meter AL250T–IR, AQUALYTIC

The compact AQUALYTIC® infrared turbidity meter AL250T-IR is designed to allow fast, precise on-site testing. The unit measures the scattered light at an angle of 90°, as stipulated in EN ISO 7027.The wide measuring range from 0.01-1100 NTU (=TE/F;...

Thermostatically Controlled Incubators, AQUALYTIC

The thermostatically controlled incubators from AQUALYTIC® are designed to ensure continuous temperature control in a temperature range of 2 to 40°C. These cabinets are suitable for a large variety of different applications in industrial and resear...

BOD-Measurement System, AQUALYTIC

The sensor system BD 600/BD 606 allows precise measurements of BOD based on the manometric principle. Manometric respirometers relate oxygen uptake to the change in pressure caused by oxygen consumption while maintaining a constant volume. Due to the...

AL200 COD Vario Setup, AQUALYTIC

With the COD setup by AQUALYTIC® , the meaningful waste water parameter COD (chemical oxygen demand) can be accurately and quickly determined in compliance with ISO 15705. Because the setup is so easy to operate, also new users will be able to carry...