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Microliter Syringes, Series 7000, IDL

With these syringes for GL, LC, TLC and biochemistry the entire sample volume is accommodated in the cannula. The tungsten piston extends to the tip of the cannula, i.e. 100% of the sample volume is used. Can be used against high counter-pressures an...

Microliter Syringes, Series 700, IDL

Liquid-tight syringes for GC, LC, TLC, serology and other liquid dispensing jobs.Accuracy and reproducibility <1%.

Microliter Syringes, Series 1000/1700, IDL

Gas and Liquid-tight syringes for GC, LC, serology, biochemistry, for the dispensing of gas or corrosive liquids, and for working against high counter-pressures. Suitable for manual and automated use (diluters/dispensers, autosamplers etc.) Sealed by...

Microliter Syringes, Series 800 and 1800, IDL

800 series: Liquid-tight syringes for GC, LC, TLC and other liquid dosing tasks. With screwed metal handle to reduce heat transmission to dosing unit and sample. Exact piston management thanks to gliding brake. Working against high pressures is possi...

Digital Syringes, IDL

Digital syringes consist of an ergonomically designed holder with LC display and a microliter tip from the series 700, 1700 or 7000. The dosing volume is shown digitally and the correctness of the unit confirmed by a calibration certificate.