Labomateriaal en wetenschappelijke instrumenten.

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Incubators, Aerne Analytic

The execution of inhibitor tests for milk analysis is one of the key process steps for quality assurance in the milk industry. Incubators are designed for tempering and incubating milk tests. Perfectly suited for BRT and Delvotests. Drilling diameter...

Water Baths Eurotherm II, Aerne Analytic

Water baths by Aerne Analytic are used for heating and tempering a great variety of laboratory samples. The baths are available in different sizes and designs and can be specifically adapted to meet the customer's requirements. Mains connection: 230V...

Acid Water Bath Chemietherm, Aerne Analytic

For heating and tempering acid or alkaline solutions. The electronic control is arranged in a separate housing and connected to the bath via cable. Thus, the bath can be operated under a fume cupboard while the control components are outside of the c...

Magnetic Stirring Water Baths, Aerne Analytic

For example for boiling and dissolving culture media in microbiology or other applications. Equipped with magnetic stirrers which are jointly and infinitely variable. Mains connection: 230V/ 50/60 Hz, temperature range: 20°C – 95°C

Culturing Units, Aerne Analytic

For growing bacteria or yeast cultures, for example acidification cultures. Equipped with membrane keypad. Material: white PP

Mojonnier Agitator, Aerne Analytic

Used for determining the fat content of milk. Material white PVC, digital display, operated by an induction motor Customised versions (also for other contents / vessels) with various agitation speeds available on request.

Packing Tester, Aerne Analytic

For leakage testing of all types of packaging. The test vessel is filled with water and the packaging to be tested is placed under the height-adjustable immersion plate. Once a vacuum is applied, any leakage is indicated by raising air bubbles.