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VGKL 15 pagina's - Messner

Timers, messner

Ready-to-use timer, can be used as a count up or count down timer. 5 operator buttons and plain text user interface on LCD dot matrix display with backlighting. When set to count up mode, the timer switches the attached load on after the pre-set time...

Triac Main Voltage Controllers MES, messner

Series MES 1000 and 2000 triac-voltage controllersElectronic AC controller for easy regulation of ohmic and inductive loads such as hot plates, heater bands, soldering irons, incandescent lamps, infrared radiators and transformers as well as for spee...

Voltron Power Controllers, messner

Power controller with on/off switching using 1-pole potentiometer, standard configuration with insulated fuse holder for fuse replacement from the outside. Use and application as for MES series.

Temperature Controllers, messner

Electronic 2-point controller with fiberglass reinforced plastic housing for controlling heating coils, hot plates, ovens, infrared radiators, water baths, etc. The device has built-in sensor breakdown protection and a switching interval display. The...