Labomateriaal en wetenschappelijke instrumenten.

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Tempered Beakers, Landgraf

Beaker with temperature stabilizing jacket for direct temperature control of liquids. The beaker may be connected to a thermostat. Use the graded inner beaker for easy volume control The beaker bottom is V-shaped for optimum application of oval magne...

Peristaltic pumps, Landgraf

With their different heads and various hose combinations, the Signal Fluid units cover a wide range of applications. Equipped with reliable motors, mature mechanical components and a solid housing, these pumps offer the perfect solution for all every...

Syringe Pumps, Landgraf

Sturdy units for use in laboratory for constant volume dispensing and dispensing tasks. All common plastic and glass syringes can be used. By combining different syringes and pump rates, depending on the model volumes of 1 µl/h to over 1.6 l/h can b...

Laboratory Microwave Equipment, Landgraf

These microwave units are optimized for use in the laboratory. Contrary to household equipment, they have the following characteristics:Exhaust air outletThe exhaust air is removed via an air outlet fitting which can be connected to an air extractor....

Economy Laboratory Furnaces, Landgraf

Powerful muffle furnace with all-round heating in compact design. With a heat insulating panel in the swing door, a ceramic burner insert and heat-resistant metallic enamel finish.

Filtration/Degasser Device for Screw Neck Vials GL-45, Landgraf

Glass filtration device for filtration and degassing of solvents for chromatography. Direct filtration in commercially available HPLC screw neck vials GL-45. Suitable for use with membrane filters 47 and 50 mm. With tap for locking the filtration uni...

Colorization Bank, Landgraf

Stainless steel Colorization Bank with tipping device for staining of slides for laboratory work. The Colorization Bank has 2 independently operated tipping devices for slides. The tipping device can be set for staining and for washing the slides. Th...