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Glass Syringes, Poulten & Graf

FORTUNA®OPTIMA®all-glass syringes, calibrated cylinders made of clear glass, all parts replaceable, piston end with amber mark, absolutely tight, sterilizable up to 134 °C, exactly calibrated scale, indestructible amber graduation (diffused), in p...

High Precision Syringes, FORTUNA®, Poulten & Graf

High-precision syringes made of borosilicate glass, long model, modified precision version in sizes 50 an 100 ml with calibrated cylinder made of clear glass.Screen-printed graduations in diffused amber stain resistant to acids and lyes. One to a pac...

Dispensers FORTUNA® OPTIFIX®, Poulten & Graf

Complete dispensing system for practically all applications.The benefits at a glance:Optimum safety thanks to high-quality materials, excellent resistance even when dispensing aggressive mediaVisible dispensing processNo sample contamination from met...

Dispenser FORTUNA® POLYFIX®, Poulten & Graf

POLYFIX® plastic dispensers with glass dispensing cylinder, coated with polypropylene (PP). For safety reasons, valve block unit cannot be removed. For dispensing of all media to which polypropylene is resistant. The range of POLYFIX® dispensers ha...

Automatic Dispensing Station, FORTUNA® OPTIMAT® 3, Poulten & Graf

For user-friendly operating comfort and better reading precision, the colored touch screen of the OPTIMAT® dosing station has been greatly enlarged. The revised software provides an even easier handling and can be programmed in various languages.Ben...