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Brand Titrette® is the first bottle-top burette to meet class A error limits for glass burettes.

Titrate to perfection with the new Brand Titrette®

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Safety, precision, and process stability are the most important things when performing routine titration.
The Titrette® bottle top burette operates smoothly, with quick flow, or drop wise when approaching an endpoint, but always with the precision of Class A glass burettes.
Titrate to perfection now - try the new Titrette® free of charge!
Brand Titrette

Items supplied:
Titrette® bottle-top burette, DE-M marking, performance certificate, telescoping filling tube (170 - 330 mm), recirculation tube, 2 micro batteries (AAA/UM4/ LR03), 3 bottle adapters PP (GL 45/32, GL 45/ S 40 and GL 32/NS 29/32), 2 colored light shield inspection windows, operating manual.

Accuracy* Coefficient of variation* Description Order Number
≤ ± % μl ≤ % μl
10 0,10 10 0,05 5 Standard without RS232 104960141
25 0,07 18 0,025 6 Standard without RS232 104960151
50 0,06 30 0,02 10 Standard without RS232 104960161

* Error limits related to the nominal volume