Lab material and scientific instruments.

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Glassblowing shop, technical glass production, custom glassware

glassblowing shop
In our glassblowing shop, we manufacture custom laboratory glass made from glass tubes, rods, plates and semi-finished products.

We have an extensive range of machinery for this purpose. Materials: borosilicate glass, quartz glass and AR glass. (or soft glass)
Chemical industry, research & development teams and laboratories like to use our services to manufacture glass apparatuses and custom glass products for their scientific work.
We help you on your way with your design and search with you to find the best solution for your application.
Lathes up to 360 mm bore.
Semi-automatic forming machines: flanges, threads, ground joints, …
Custom burner arrangements for various operations
Sawing machines with saw blade up to 600mm
Surface grinders
Crack-off machine: quickly make large series to size
Tour de meulage
Sandblasting cabin
Drilling machines: large up to 300mm, small up to 0.75 mm
Ovens: max 2500 x 1000 x 800
Cutting table for cutting all kinds of flat glass
UV glue device
HF rinsing installation for cleaning glass and quartz.
Polariscopes and other measuring equipment for quality control

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You were looking for standard laboratory glass, such as:

glass jars or packaging, vials or test tubes, Erlenmeyer flasks, measuring jugs, crystallising dishes, petri dishes, stopper bottles, measuring cylinders,
washing bottles, separating funnels, ball coolers, liebig coolers, dimroth coolers, davies coolers, intensive coolers, round bottom flasks, NS flasks
or multi-neck flasks (such as two-necked flasks, three-necked flasks and four-necked flasks) culture tubes. weighing jars, volumetric flasks, flat-bottomed flasks, rotavapol flasks (evaporator flasks), pycnometers, pipettes, burettes, soxhlet extractors, chromatography columns, etc …
Then you are at the right address. Look in our online shop or request a quote. We are distributor of Schott Duran,
(Duran Group), Simax, Bibby and Pyrex, Hirschmann, Lenz, Glasfirn, Assistant, Brand and many other …

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We are strong in lab glass.

– glass equipment according to drawing

– adjustments and repairs (cleaning)

– we have a large stock of:

– basic material: glass tubes, rods, plates

– semi-finished products: ground joints, threads, flanges

– flasks, beakers, Erlenmeyer flasks, crucibles, bowls, measuring cylinders

– common materials: borosilicate glass, quartz glass, AR glass


– Glassblowing lathe up to 360 mm diameter

– Ovens up to 2500 mm

– Customization and reproduction

– Semi-finished products for glassblowers

– Standard glassware and laboratory glass

– Serial production

– Nozzles, impingers, washing bottles, probes

– Gilson separating funnels, Squibb separating funnels

– separating funnels ISO conical, separating funnel pear shape

– custom glass flanges, tailor-made threads

– glassware in brown borosilicate glass

– By appointment you can discuss your design on the spot