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DURAN® TILT: the new generation cell culture media bottles


Biosafety cabinets and clean hoods are essential for working with cell cultures under sterile conditions. Unfortunately, they make the handling of media bottles difficult and time-consuming for researchers.

The DURAN® TILT bottle changes everything. The TILT bottle has two positions: upright for filter sterilization or
storage, and tilted at 45 °C for pipetting. Take a look at cell culture media from a new angle and discover a bottle system that eases handling and turns usability into security.



DURAN® TILT – Media Bottle Glass thread Height
(incl. cap)
PU Order Number
DURAN® TILT Bottle, clear glass complete with white GL 56 polypropylene Screw cap 500 ml (supplied non-sterile) GL 56 151 4 102189144


DURAN® TILT – Accessories and Replacement Parts Material / Colour PU Order Number
DURAN® TILT Light Shield
includes four GL 56 Bottle Tags (Orange, Yellow, Blue, Purple)
Silicone / White and
mixed colours
4 102935601
DURAN® GL 56 Bottle Tag Orange Silicone / Orange 20 102935626
DURAN® GL 56 Bottle Tag Yellow Silicone / Yellow 20 102935634
DURAN® GL 56 Bottle Tag Blue Silicone / Blue 20 102935659
DURAN® GL 56 Bottle Tag Purple Silicone / Purple 20 102935667
DURAN® GL 45 Thread adaptor for bottle top Vacuum filtration unit (GL 45 external, GL 56 internal) PTFE / White 1 102995601
DURAN® TILT GL 56 self-adhesive identification label for Screw cap, 40 mm diameter Polyester / White 60 102915604
DURAN® TILT GL 56 Screw cap Polypropylene / White 10 102995602


DURAN® Vacuum bottle top filter unit Membrane
pore size
Filter diameter
PU Order Number
DURAN® 500 ml Funnel Only 45 mm thread,
Gamma sterilized
0,1 μm PES 90 12 102902818
0,2 μm PES 90 12 102902826
0,45 μm PES 90 12 102902842